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RxD Spring Festival

innoBa - Can Jaumandreu

52, Perú street

plat de bici plat de bici plat de bici

Thursday April 25th

lunch + music outdoors


Plataformas: un click y no trabajas más ▪

by Tomás Pérez Vizzón

Sala polivalent UB

Opening with a short documentary about riders from Argentina and their struggle.

Panel and discussion

Who wouldn’t rather be their own boss?

(Neoliberal) Worker’s subjectivity as contested terrain in the platform economy

Sala polivalent UB

Karol Morales Muñoz ... PhD in psychology at PUCV, working group social psychology of work (Trasas)

Felipe Corredor Álvarez ... PhD in social psychology at UAB and member of RidersXDerechos

Fernando Gallardo ... rider for Uber Eats in Santiago de Chile

Panel and discussion

The city as production unit of our times ▪

Sala polivalent UB

José Mansilla ... urban antrhopologist and member of the Observatorio de Antropología del Conflicto Urbano (OACU)

Julián Porras ... PhD in sociology and associate professor at UOC

Jaime Palomera ... Sindicat de Llogateres (Tenant’s Union) in Barcelona

Panel and discussion

The digitalization of work is not neutral ▪

With the companies’ interests determining the algorithm, can technology be compatible worker’s rights?

Sala polivalent UB

Anna Ginés ... professor of labour law at ESADE Law School - URL

Eduardo Rojo Torrecillas ... professor of labour law and social welfare at UAB

Martha Gómez ... project manager at the tech-cooperative JAMGO

Friday April 26th

Panel and discussion

Cooperatives at the front lines of the fight for workers’ rights and dignity ▪

Experiences and challenges for cooperatives in the platform economy

Sala polivalent UB

Martino Correggiari ... La Pájara Ciclomensajería (Cooperative based in Madrid)

Ababacar Thiakh ... DiomCoop (Cooperative based in Barcelona)

Marc Espinosa ... Mensakas (Cooperative based in Barcelona)

Musical brunch

Walabokk Music ... live

Màrius Alfambra ... live

Plaça de la Creu Roja

Food provided by DiomCoop


Panel and discussion

Becoming a Brand ▪

When your income depends on your digital reputation

Sala polivalent UB

Gerardo Tecé ... twitter influencer ··· @gerardotc

Martina Garbarz ... journalist and union activist with APP Sindical in Buenos Aires

Oriol Alfambra ... member of RidersXDerechos and the IAC in Barcelona

Panel and discussion

Poverty and digitalization ▪

The global workers’ struggle against delivery platforms like Glovo, Deliveroo and UberEats

Sala polivalent UB

Alice Barker ... rider for Deliveroo in Edinburgh and union activist with the IWGB

Adrien Heung ... rider for Deliveroo in Hong Kong and Berlín and member of Deliverunion/ FAU Berlin

Martina Garbarz ... APP Sindical in Buenos Aires

Jean Daniel Zamor ... rider for Deliveroo in Paris and union activist with CLAP

Clara Mogno ... rider for Glovo in Padua

Alberto Álvarez ... spokesperson for Élite Taxi